Live couldn't be better... well almost!

So I just got back from an AH-MAZING trip! OMG I totally needed it too! My entire family and I went to Disney World! Disneyland has to be my like most favorite place so when I found out we were going to Disney World I was thrilled! The months and months of saving began. When all is said and done bills paid, tuition, food, etc. I don't have much money left over... of course occasionally I have a super generous caller but not all that often. So, the saving every penny I could really was rough for awhile but I somehow managed. Then right before the trip my brakes went out! Ugh talk about bad timing I was worried for awhile but luckily for me I did get a SUPER generous caller the day before I left and he sent me and extra couple hundred!!! It totally made my trip and I went off without a care in the world! Thanks big spender... you know who you are *wink*!

Anyway, so I had a blast tons of time spent with family (maybe a little too much... made for a very PG vacation lol) and friends. One night we had a terrible terrible storm I'm talking lightning thunder the whole nine! Disney made a fortune that night selling ponchos lol! Anyway me and two of my brothers and one of my sister decide to stay behind at the park while the rest of the crowds poured out of the park. I mean they were still running rides and for the most part we had the park to ourselves!!! So much fun we didn't wait in any lines and went on every single ride we wanted. Who wouldn't want free reign at the Disney World! Plus we're from Washington a little rain doesn't scare us away! HA! The only down side to that night was that by the time we got back to our hotel we had no power and didn't for nearly two days! Ohhhhh how I craved a hot shower and my hair dryer!

The rest of the trip was amazing until we got home that is; the airlines somehow manged to lose my baggage! UGH!!!! I can't believe out of all of us that traveled mine was the only set of bags that got lost! OF COURSE a girl like me has to travel with practically everything I own too! A week later and they still have no clue where my stuff is! Of course you know I could use a little extra spoiling especially some gift cards sent my way to replace everything *wink*.

Its was a fun trip all the same even with all the hiccups along the way. One thing is for sure though its been so nice to get back to all my wonderful NF friends! After a very kid friendly trip I'm dying for some good ol fashion naughty fun!!!!

Its been forever I know!!!

Sorry to all my boys who actually have tried to read my blog and haven't seen anything in forever. With Niteflirt having been down or in BETA for so long I haven't really even bothered, but I'm going to make a serious effort to update at least several times a week now.... fingers crossed I can handle this new resolution. I won't bother trying to update you all with what I have been doing the last several months all I'll say is I've been busy with school and doing my best to make money along with handling everything else in my life. Still fitting in plenty of play time whenever I get the chance! I love me some dick that's for sure!!!!! I've been Christmas shopping like crazy for my many brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews oh and the parents and friends. My bank account needs replenished boys there's nothing left to buy myself anything. In case your curious what you can get me I love calls they give me a chance to make money and play, but I always love those Amazon Gift Cards (send them to my email)!!! Thanks to all my boys who like to spoil me with them you know how they put a smile on my face! Tomorrow I'm going to be making some Christmas cookies one of my favorite things to do this time of year oh and I have several Christmas movies recorded on the DVR, so it will be a very festive day. Of course I'll be signed in too, so my boys can find out if I'm feeling naughty or nice!  Ok, well I guess thats enough for now I'll post more and let you know how the cookies and movies turned out and if anything else noteworthy in my calls comes about I'll be sure to tell you all about that too!!! *kisses* Crissy P.S. I'll be giving little presents too in the form of free minutes to all my callers this week!!


Wow so this week has been really shitty; I've been crazy busy with my classes and to top it off I've been miserably sick. I hate being sick!!!! I've hardly been able to drag myself out of bed and have had to force myself to try and make it through homework, labs, papers, and presentations. No rest for the weary I guess. I've finally got caught up with everything and have had a decent enough voice to sign in and taken some call , so I really appreciate all the customers who have called me and been understanding of my sickly voice. I'm hoping that by the end of the week I'll be feeling much better because I'm going to Leavenworth for the weekend with one of my girlfriends. It should be a lot of fun we booked a nice room at a lodge, and were going to spend the weekend horseback riding, snowmobiling, and shopping.  I'm so excited just keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be well enough to really enjoy it. Well, I'm off to bed for the night! Thanks again to all my wonderful customers who continue to make my experiences with them amazing!
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Been awhile...

So, I'm back at school after an extended spring break. This quarter I signed up for some online classes, and decided to stay back home a little bit longer than I had originally planned which was wonderful. I spent some good quality time with the family catching up with my parents and seeing my little nieces and nephews. Plus, I had a few wild and crazy nights with my girlfriends from high school. There was lots of good old partying to be had; one night we threw a raging bonfire party at my friend Melissa's house. It was like a mini early high school reunion plenty of drunk crazy people running around and getting into all sorts of trouble. One of my ex boyfriends was there we both had a few too many drinks and spent all night making out and having a hot nasty good time. He always was amazing in bed, and I was really in need of some kinky sex; boy did he ever give it to me! After that night I saw him a couple more times, but on those occasions he had one of his good friends with him, and well lets just say the three of us had a REALLY good time together. If you want to hear more about you really should give me a call and I'd be happy to share the details with you.  I had such a good time, and it was really hard to come back to school and my regular day to day, but I couldn't avoid it any longer and truth be told I was missing some of my favorite customers. My parents and family have no idea what I do to earn my extra cash so it wasn't like I could spend much time taking calls back home. My classes are ridiculously hard, and I'm having a really tough time understanding all of the concepts I'm supposed to be learning. No worries though I'll just keep at it, and I'm sure it will all come to me. If not maybe I could find a really hot tutor to help "teach" me a few things; that could be quite a bit of fun come to think of it. LOL! I'm anxious to get back to work; I really have missed my customers, and I hope their still around after I abandoned them for so long. So yeah, I'm back and lookin forward to another quarter of school and lots of phone fun!

State of Bliss

So, I know its been awhile since my last entry so I'll try to catch you all up on what I have been up too. I've been working very hard all week preparing for the end of the quarter I have about two weeks left and lots of projects, papers, and exams to be working on. Spent last weekend at the library with my study group we went out one night to Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle I had a blast just hanging out, relaxing with friends, and having a few drinks. It was my last night of partying for a few weeks and it was tons of fun. Then it was back to work! I finished up with one of my research papers for a history class I'm taking just have to edit the final draft and send it in. I've also been working on a power point presentation for my myth class and that should be done in a couple days. For the most part I just have a few minor assignments left and lots and lots of studying to do for my finals. I can't wait for the end of the quarter I think I'll have about a week to just relax before I head back for the new quarter I'm going to go visit my parents and friends back home for a couple days. That week long breather is my motivation to push through till the end of the quarter. I'm not sure what classes I'm going to take but I'm thinking possibly physics, psychology, and a Lit class. Its probably going to be a pretty hard quarter I'm absolutely lost when it comes to physics, but it's part of my degree requirement so I need to get it out of the way.

Other than school I haven't been up to much this week lots of time spent at home I did get out one afternoon last week and spent some time shopping downtown I bought  a cute new pair of shoes that I'm just about in love with. A nice pair of thigh high boots they're not trashy or anything actually pretty classy and look great on me with one of my new dresses I bought awhile back. They put a big dent in my bank account but hopefully I'll get some good calls and maybe even some tips to help me repair the damage. I wore them to a function the other night at school and got lots of comments on them. I've put the link below for anyone who wants to see them. 

Well, I had some great calls last night and met some really nice guys that I hope to be talking with again soon. I went to bed last night fully satisfied with a huge smile on my face. I should be signing on again tonight and look forward to another wonderful night -I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Let me know what you all think of the shoes!

So busy...

It was a crazy weekend and I'm just now catching up from it. My grandmother was in the hospital, and I spent most of my weekend there. She had to have some major surgery and was taking a little while longer than expected to recover; what should have been a pretty routine surgery ended with some pretty major complications. It was scary for a bit but she's doing much better now and is back home and well.

The last few days I've spent catching up on school work and haven't been able to sign in. I just finished a 5 page paper on the Trojan War and I have to say I'm not sure I understand everything I just wrote about or remember it. I've always been the type of person who likes to be short and to the point when it comes to anything academic (probably not the best characteristic to have as an aspiring teacher,) but that's me I guess. Anyway, so I can write a really good paper on a single topic in 1-2 pages and I'm not sure it's necessary to then have 3 pages of filler crap always leaves me feeling like my paper is more fluff than anything else and a little disjointed. I understand why its required our professors want us to explore and expand on our topics write a detailed and in-depth paper blah blah blah. Still I'd rather write 2 or 3 papers on individual topics. Maybe it's just me I'm not really lazy and I realize I could take those separate papers and with a little bit of extra effort smoothly fuse them together its just I guess that that has never been a strong suit of mine. Call it what you want but I promise when I begin teaching I'm going to keep that in mind anytime I serve up a essay assignment- good thing I'm not an English major.

I am so ready to get back to work tonight I hope to be signing in as early as possible, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for lots of calls. I'm sex deprived and in desperate need of some tension relieving activity what better way to do that then by getting a little dirty tonight.

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It's Friday!!!

Well I'm a few days into all this and so far its still a little slow going. I've had some really great calls and met some really nice customers that I think I will have a lot of fun with. I've had a few bad experiences too though. One customer was upset with me and left me some pretty bad feedback. After he called and gave me 5stars for our conversation he tried to call again but was unable to connect with me; he thought I was purposefully declining his calls, but I was actually having some issue with my internet/phone connection. I feel really bad and even offered to send him a gift certificate for him to use with another flirt, but so far I haven't heard back from him. I just hope that this won't scare away future clients because I really want to provide the best service and experiences possible.

Anyway, enough of that I had my test day before yesterday and all my studying paid off because I received a 98%! I'm so glad because it was a major part of the class grade and I really did well. So, of course I had to go out and treat myself to a cute new outfit from Victoria Secret as my reward for working so hard.  I'll place the link below from the VS website for anyone who wants to my sexy new lingerie. I spent the day today sitting at home working on homework and waiting for my furnace to be fixed it went out on me a few days ago and its been so cold! I'm glad its working again I was totally dreading even one more day of freezing my butt off. I'm working on a research paper tonight with a group of friends from school so I'll be spending a good portion of my Friday night at the library not exactly my idea of fun, but I've put the idea out there that we should go out afterward for a few drinks no better way to end a study session in my opinion. Then I'll be heading home to try and make some money before I turn in for the night. I haven't yet decided what I'll be doing for the weekend I definitely want to hang out with some friends I haven't seen in awhile aside from that I have a little bit of homework to get done and the rest of my weekend is open. What should I do anyone have any ideas?


So last night was my very first night as a phone flirt, and I have to say that I absolutely loved it! I was really hoping for more calls but the few I did get were a lot of fun and very satisfying. I was able to be that dirty girl I always knew I had in me and was dying to come out. I decided to become a flirt to help pay the bills while I'm going to school. I just started my first year of college, I want to be a teacher, and I'm very excited, but I have to admit the downside is I spend most all of my time studying. Since, most of my classes are online and I'm constantly in front of the computer I figured why not take advantage of the opportunity to get my school work done and satisfy my insatiable needs by taking a  *study break* whenever I get a call. I live in Seattle and have my very own and first apartment it's pretty small but I love it. Sometimes I do get a little stir crazy, but that's the great thing about living in the city whenever I have the chance there is always something fun to go out and do. I want to have the means to go out and do those things when I can and not have to worry about paying my bills first because they will already be taken care of. Plus, I love to look good and having the extra cash means I can spoil myself and make sure I'm always looking cute and sexy for my guys. Well I guess that's enough for tonight I think. I need to get a few things done before heading off to bed I have a big test tomorrow, but I promise to keep you all posted on my life as often as possible and fill you in on all the juicy details of being a brand new flirt. 
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